About SGE

Our Mission at Surya Global Energy, is to harness the eternal power of the sun to ultimately provide free and clean energy globally. At the domestic level, we wish to ensure that every household in India has access to cost free and high quality energy through efficient transmission of renewable electricity.


We are entirely dedicated to the distributed rooftop sector this has given a unique advantage in understanding this space as compared to other leading players.

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We work with various industrial sectors and provide customized solutions depending on our customers needs through rigorous energy analysis and plant optimization algorithms.

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We ensure that the Customer is at the heart of the organization. Our high repeat rates bear testimony to our customer service orientation

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Savings with Solar

Going solar is not only an efficient way to protect the environment but also a smart way to save on your rising electricity bills. With the grid prices increasing exponentially, you can hedge against these by owning your own solar system and reducing your bill up to 90%.

Protecting the environment

We at Surya Global Energy are approaching you for your help to tackle the drastically rising pollution levels in our country. By going solar you are making a significant impact to the countries carbon footprint by being a proponent for clean energy. 1 kW system equals planting 155 trees and reducing carbon emissions by over 20 tons.



Your solar system will use the eternal power of the sun.

Our Goal

Surya Global Energy specializes in providing solar solutions at residential.

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Benefits of Solar

Save on electricity costs through net metering (almost 90% bill reduction).

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PV System

Your solar system will use the eternal power of the sun and convert its energy.

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48 stations go green, turn on LED lights

Taking a step forward in reducing energy consumption, the North East Frontier Railway (NFR) has converted 48 stations under it into 100% LED bulb lighting system.

Sunglasses that generate solar power designed

Organic solar cells are flexible, transparent, and light-weight - and can be manufactured in arbitrary shapes or colours, said researchers from Karlsruher Institut fur Technologie (KIT) in Germany.

Crashing solar tariffs crush storage plans

One disadvantage of both solar and wind power is their ‘erratic’ or ‘infirm’ nature — they are available only when the sun shines bright or the wind blows above a certain speed


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